Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Usually, I find myself running OUT of the rain. I use an umbrella, or wear a raincoat and I seem to be running around like That Girl everywhere I go.

I am so glad we've finally gotten some rain this week after a hot, dry summer. But as usual, I've been staying out of the rain. On Monday morning, I didn't even go on my morning run. By about 7pm, I was feeling stir crazy and sluggish and since there was a little break in the rain, I decided to go for a run.

It was sprinkling a little bit, but I had on a cap so it wasn't bothering me. The sprinkles got bigger, and finally turned into rain. It all happened so gradually that by the time I was running around in the heavy downpour, it never even occurred to get out of the rain. I just kept running.

Eventually, every stitch of my clothing was soaking wet. Water was running off the bill of my cap, and my shoes and socks were squishy. But I wasn't running to get out of the rain. I was just running in it. And I didn't melt!

When I returned home, Fermin was actually driving in his car trying to find me, thinking I had been caught in the rain. And I guess I WAS , but surprisingly, that wasn't a bad thing. Just squishy.

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