Thursday, July 10, 2008

In The Woods

My friend, Diablo and I started a book club. It's a huge nationwide phenomenom. 3 members! Diablo, myself, and my best friend who lives in Pennsylvania, Glitzy. So we'll be having our first book i-chat in the next week to discuss our first book.

We read In The Woods by Tana French. SO GOOD. It was a suspense thriller full of twists and turns. Very engrossing. Very hard to put down. It's about 3 kids in Dublin that wandered off into the woods. One was found clinging to a tree terrified and in shock, the other 2 just disappeared. Flash forward 20 years, and that same little boy attached to the tree is now a detective. And coincidentally, a child disappears in the same woods. Except she IS found, and she is not alive.

All these years, the detective has had no memory of what happened to he and his friends in the woods. So he thinks (and you might, too) that he might finally get some answers...

It's the author's first book. And it's a NY Times Bestseller. It seems it should be made into a movie. And I think I know who could play the lead roles. But I can't discuss that just yet- I've gotta save it for the the book club. Sorry.

So if you'd like to read it for your own book club of one or many, here's the link to Amazon to buy it.

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