Monday, July 28, 2008

Dog Day Afternoons at the Pool

I probably wrote a very similar post to this one about two years ago. This is the time of year my neighbors go out of town and I get to "take care of their pool" and water their plants.

It's one of my favorite weeks out of the year, if not THE favorite. Their house is diagonally across the street from mine. They have the best pool. It's just a little oasis over there. There's a little waterfall, a butterfly garden, and the most comfortable floaties. Their pool is the salt-water kind, not the chlorine kind so it doesn't smell all chemical-ly.

This year tho, Molly, their sweet dog that use to swim with me, is no longer around. So I decided to take my girls over and see if they might want to go for a dip.

My dog's only experience with water is: drinking it, or bathing in it. And by bathing, I mean crying and howling in misery while Fermin scrubs them down with the hose.

So getting them into the pool, so far, has not been a success. Scout's made it in ankle deep to the first step but won't budge beyond that. Zoe has licked the water and that's about it for her.

But I still think they like going over their with me despite the 100+ temperatures we've had to endure these past few days. There's lots of shade. And there's lots to sniff. While I float in the pool, they sniff the yard, the fence, the plants, the lawn furniture, etc.

We've got this whole week to hang out at the pool. Life is very, very sweet.

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