Thursday, July 17, 2008

42 to Go

Just a little update regarding this "50 Songs in 90 Days" challenge that I'm participating in. It started on July 4th. Since today is the 17th, that means we're on day 14- 2 weeks! And I've written 8 songs already. Only 42 more to go.

So far, I've had such a good experience with the whole experience of a more regular writing schedule. In fact, it seems to be flowing out better than usual, maybe because I'm regularly "priming the pump".

Surprisingly, I really like most of the songs I've written so far. I'm finally getting good use out of the small digital recorder I bought a few months ago. I think that if I didn't record these songs, I'd forget how they go- The way this has been going, as soon as I finish writing one song, I move on to the next one, rather than playing it over, and over and over (like I usually would). So I figure at the end of this 90 days, it will be fun to listen back thru what I've written. It will almost be like listening to someone else's songs.

Just in this short amount of time, I've come to realize the power in just showing up each day. This is not to say that each time I sit down to write a song will come out, but if it IS floating around, I'm there to catch it.


Monica said...

I see you are up to 11 songs. The titles have me intrigued. Only 39 to go! Keep it up!

kerri said...

Thank u, thank u, thank u! I appreciate the encouragement! I may just have to write a song about it!