Friday, April 13, 2007

What Scared Me

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, my husband told me "do something scary!" as he was saying goodbye as he left for work.
So let me know tell how the day turned out.

First of all, the night before I dropped my glucometer in the toilet at Zuzu's. Being a diabetic that is insulin dependent, being without that meter REALLY sucks as I realized yesterday. In the morning when I ate my breakfast I had to just guess at how much insulin to take. Then later, I was feeling a little funky, but without a meter to check, I couldn't be sure it had to do with my blood sugar. Until I looked in the mirror and had no color in my face, other than dark circles under my eyes. I decided to eat an apple, and then I was fine. Eventually, I got a meter replacement. But it was a scary first half of the day without it.

Then I went to SMU to see a performance by some "throat singers"- I wanted to know what "throat singers" were. I still don't. All I can say is these men made the most extraordinary sounds with their throats! It was one of those sounds that is fascinating to see at a live performance, but that I wouldn't want to hear just a recording of. If it was just a recording, I would think instruments other than the human voice were involved. I simply cannot describe what I heard. But I'll say they sounded like deep, scary voices with some kind of a flute mixed in with the whole thing. (But there WAS NO FLUTE)

Later that evening, I went to Sons of Hermann for their weekly song circle. All sorts of musicians show up and everyone plays. I don't typically play with others and its something totally out of my comfort zone. I figure it would be good for me tho. Except when I got there, I realized there was a lot of smoking... And I just can't stand smoke. I'm not afraid of it, I just hate it. And so I didn't stick around as long as I otherwise would have. So that didn't really live up to my expectations of me jamming out with a bunch of strangers and feeling a huge sense of accomplishment. BUT, maybe I'll try it again somewhere else soon.

And now, here it is Friday the 13th. What a great day to do something that scares you! But DO be safe about it.

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