Monday, April 9, 2007

Thrill of the Hunt

I buy cds on a weekly basis. Some people buy shoes, some buy power tools, I buy cds. I subscribe to a few magazines that have lots of cd reviews and artist interviews. So when I hear about something that sounds interesting, I either go browsing at CD Source on Greenville and Lovers, order on line, or occasionally buy some new release from Best Buy or Target. (Altho they are super limited on what they carry.) Occasionally (and I mean rarely) I download from iTunes. But that's just for a single. Except for one Jason Mraz cd that could only be bought from iTunes. I just love the whole package of a complete cd. I love reading the lyrics, liner notes, seeing the pictures, etc... In fact, I miss album packaging. I am SO not ready to just download and have nothing to hold in my hand. But I digress...

When I go to CD Source, which is by far the most fun, I love going thru the newest cds that haven't yet been alpabetized and catagorized but are just put out by the date they arrived. I've discovered all sorts of new stuff for myself there. The rummaging is the most fun. The thrill of the hunt, and the excitement of an unexpected great find. Sometimes I'll see a cd I already own that I just love. I'll caress the cd in their store and think, "Someone is in for SUCH a treat!" and I wish I was just discovering it for the first time myself.

So its funny I don't write more cd reviews on my "reviews" blog. I love music, talking about it, sharing it, etc. for some reason, I don't post there often. I INTEND to post more often and just tell myself I don't have an obligation to be real thorough with my reviews. Even if all I say is "Here's what I'm listening to..." maybe just putting the name out will get you curious enough to check it out for yourself. I know I love it when I get a new name in music that someone has mentioned. I also know, you gotta check it out for yourself no matter what someone else says because everyone's musical taste is so different.

Anyway, check out my posts under the "reviews" section of my website. (I actually review not only cds, but books and movies too.) and then... Happy Hunting!

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