Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I'm reading a book about time management, mainly as another tool for avoiding anything I should be doing.

Reading it has reminded me of what I already think is probably true: That we all have "peak" times- for heavy thinking, for being physical, for being creative, etc. The author of this book suggests doing things at different times and seeing how you are the most effective. Then, you won't be wasting your "peak" times on mundane tasks.

I so want to get out of my creature-of-habit mode and actually attempt to flip my daily "stuff" around in different time slots because I don't think I'm really serving myself so well with the way I have it now. I'd LOVE to be more productive. I'd LOVE to feel like I'm accomplishing more and I guess something's gotta change in order for that to happen. It's probably a good thing to do every now and then- Change up your schedule. See how it effects you. You might find you can accomplish something in the afternoon in only an hour that might take you two hours to do if you attempt it in the morning...

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