Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Whatever Became of NO TV Week?

I had written a blog at the beginning of my "No TV Week" and thought I'd be writing about how hard it was and withdrawals I was suffering without my daily fix. But alas, it was really nothing to write home about, or for that matter nothing much to write a blog about. It wasn't tempting, perhaps because the basketball games seem to be the only current tv current shows and I'm just not a fan. (But if I were, of course, I'd be screaming at the top of my lungs, "GO MAVS!")

There are certain shows I love to watch...The Office, Intervention, occasionally Oprah, and sometimes Larry King. For the most part, I never feel like I've wasted my time and gained nothing from the shows I watch. UNLESS, once the show I meant to watch ends I I just start clicking around to find SOMETHING because it was all so fun and I want the good times to continue without me having to really put forth any effort. Then I'll find some re-run of Dharma and Greg, and oddly, I get sucked in. The next thing you know, I'm onto We Love the 80s. Then it becomes sick.

So what I've learned from this "No Tv Week" experience is just to CONSCIOUSLY choose my tv programs. Just as I do what I choose to read. And who I hang out with. If I'm just wanting to zone out, that's just fine up to a point, but after 30 minutes, it's probably better spent sleeping. Or looking out a window and daydreaming.

Last night I knew I wanted to see Mary Kay Laturno and her ex-6th-grade-student-now-husband on Larry King. Once it was over, I knew that was all I had wanted to watch and said NO MORE. I didn't actually say "No More", I just turned off the tv. This is the new and improved Kerri, all because of my experiment with no TV for a week.

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