Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It's Not Always Fun, But I Love It

Yesterday on my jog, an older man rode up beside me on his bicycle. He was going at a nice leisurely pace. He turned to me and said, "You make that look so easy and fun."
I responded, "Well, thank you for saying so!"
And then as he passed, he yelled out, "So...is it fun?"
All I had time and breath to answer was, "NOOOO". But "no" without further explanation is misleading. So now that my run is over, and I've got my breath back, please, let me finish.

Is it fun? Am I out there just having a great time as I pound out my miles each day? Well, fun isn't the word. But do I love it? YES!
My favorite part of my run is usually the very last few steps of it. But I like the discipline of running. I like the accomplishment of running a long run on a hot day. I never, ever have thought, "I wish I hadn't wasted my time on that run!"

I know the value of my runs. They keep my head pretty clear. They keep my heart healthy. And they show me that I'm a pretty tough cookie! And so whether or not I'm having FUN isn't what it's all about.

I bet that's how a lot of people feel about their jobs. The lucky ones. Maybe they aren't having a blast, but they take pride in it and they love what they do.

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