Thursday, June 1, 2006

Two Small Words

I run most days at White Rock Lake. It's how my day starts. Before I'm awake enough to know what is happening, or talk myself out of anything, I throw on my running gear, get out the door and hit the road. I could write a lot of blogs about what I've learned from my runs and how much it means to me that I am A RUNNER.

Here's just a quick little story about my run today:

I was on the final 10 minutes of my 1 hour run. It was muggy, I was sweating like a pig. My IPOD was in between songs so I was able to not only see, but to hear the friendly biker who waves whenever I see him. Today, he was more than just "the waver", he was my coach! After saying "on your left", as all polite passers do, he said "NICE PACE" Nice pace? Me? At the end of my run?

Well! Thank you sir! Those two little words I was lucky enough to hear today made me feel so good. Just two simple words of encouragement just exactly when I needed them. All the sudden, yes!, I think I did have a pretty good pace, maybe just because he said so!

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