Friday, June 9, 2006

Blue Skies for....ME

The last few days, I've been on a roll of bad luck it seems. I think it actually may have started about a week ago when my dog, Scout, had diarrhea all over my yoga mat. I rememember, besides being pretty grossed out during the clean up, thinking to myself, "What does this mean?" Maybe it was a little warning that I had some "stuff" that was going to come my way that I didn't want to have to deal with but that I couldn't ignore. Maybe it was the universe saying "Shit happens. Sometimes it's ugly but you just gotta do your best to clean it up!"

I won't get into my whole woe-is-me-here's-what's happened ranting because that is certainly NOT my point here. I know when things aren't going right, the mind works it over, trying to come up with a solution. At first, there is resistance. "There is NO answer and no way to solve this problem." But once the subconcious has a chance to calm the rest of you down, you start coming up with some possible solutions.

This morning on my run, I think I finally heard some of the right answers I was looking for. "Calm down and put this stuff in perspective." I think I've been creating a lot of my own drama. The things happening were just...things happening. It was the way I was negatively obsessing over them that was probably the main problem. I started to calm down. I started to be in touch with that whole idea of "This will not be important in 5 years." (And honestly, that can be cut down to more like 5 weeks!) And then with my IPOD on random shuffle, it chose just the right song, as it often does. Blue Skies for Everyone by Bob Schneider. Here are the lyrics:

Spit on the ground hold your breath
Try and scare yourself to death
Bury your bones under the dirt
Tear your heart out rip your shirt
Stomp your feet in disgust
Curse the gray sky if you must
But you'll find when you are done
They'll be blue skies for everyone

Drink your wine break your heart
Give up the race before you start
Drop your drawers roll around
Burn your house right to the ground
Go to sleep hit your head
Scream until your face is red
And you'll find when you are done
They'll be blue skies for everyone

Blue skies & setting suns
Cherry pies & bubblegum
Lullabies to come undone
Blue skies for everyone

So get right down on your luck
Spin your wheels until you're stuck
Wring the blood out let it dry
Stick a needle in your eye
Dry your tears and drop your drink
Let me tell you what I think
I think you'll find when you get done
They'll be blue skies for everyone

Sometimes it feels right to have the fit, to throw the tantrum, to just wallow in the crap. But once you're done and you're ready to move on you can see all the good stuff again.

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