Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The Weekend Super Fun Party

This weekend, my brother Fleetwood and his dog, Deville came to visit us.

They came in on Saturday afternoon, and although they were going to leave Monday morning, we were all having so much fun, they stayed an extra day. Yay.

But that extra day didn't make him leaving any easier.  I did NOT enjoy that part.  But I LOVED all the rest of his stay here. 

We didn't really do anything out-of-the ordinary (although, we did buy a sectional!), but just having them here made everything EXTRAordinary.

More than anyone I've ever seen, Deville LOVES to eat.  Anytime we'd be eating, he has this look on his face that clearly communicates, "PLEASE put some of that in my mouth, NOW!"

He was with us when we stopped for a burger at Shake Shack and was treated so sweetly by the people who work there.  They brought him an ice cream sandwich, on the house.  It was sorta messy but very delicious.

Lucy, as usual, was sort of bossy.  Ricky felt really cool getting to hang out with his big Cousin Villy.

We went on a couple of neighborhood hikes.

 Mainly: we laughed.  And LAUGHED.  Because that's what we do when we're together.

But, as they say, all good things must come to an end. I was mopey all day after they left to drive back home on Tuesday. Our house was so quiet without him and Deville here.  Fermin had a mid-day golf date, and once he left, I understood that "empty nest syndrome" people go through when kids leave for college.  It was just me, Lucy and Ricky. Normally, I LOVE that kind of quiet time.  But yesterday, it just made me feel lonesome.  I actually worked myself up into a cry, and Fermin had to console me reminding me that we'd see Fleetwood again soon. I also texted my brother and told him how sad I felt. He said the same thing to me that Fermin did, adding that since we don't live in the same city anymore, we see each other sporadically (and not just "whenever") and for longer stretches of time, so it's actually even better.  And it is.  It's true.  Those long stretches of days together are the best.

But I guess it's like when little kids are at a party, or a friend's house playing and having a blast, and then eventually, it's time to go back home.  And they just feel sad the party's ending.  THAT's how I felt. I was not ready for our party to end.

Thankfully, I know there will be another party soon.  We agreed that we'd make a point to see each other every 6 weeks. 

I noticed Facebook is calling today "National Siblings Day".  Well, nanner nanner, Everybody.  I've got the BEST sibling anyone could have.  And I'm lucky- I'll see him again soon.❤️

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