Monday, April 22, 2019

Music Monday- Sara Bareilles Someone Who Loves Me

I am so happy it's Monday STRICTLY because I LOVE this song I've chosen for today's installment of Music Monday.  I feel like I have the world's greatest secret, and I want to tell everyone. But for now, I'm just telling the people who read this blog.

I love Sara Bareilles.  And her new CD is my favorite one yet.  And THIS SONG. This song, "Someone Who Loves Me", is the most gorgeous love song.  It's definitely got some sadness to it, making it all the more lovely and perfect, in my opinion.  And that line, Someone Who Loves Me- It saves the day.  It saves all the days.  Even the worst of them.  When you've got someone who loves you, life is a lot easier.

I feel this song deep, deep in my bones.  I've learned how to play it on my guitar, and one of these days, I'm going to play it for Fermin.  I just got to wait until I can get through it without becoming a puddle on the floor.  Eventually, I can sing it and tell him, "...My home, my heart, Thank God you are someone who loves me."

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