Monday, December 10, 2018

Music Monday- YOU ARE YOU ARE by Lucy Schwartz

Because I recently discovered the Parenthood series (thank you, Valerie!) I was turned on to Lucy Schwartz, who had a song placement in one of the first few episodes.  I looked her up in Apple Music and realized I had bought one of her CDs years ago, but somehow she wasn't really on my radar.  Back in my CD buying days, I would go through phases of buying so much music all at once, there wasn't enough time to really listen to any of it.  Too bad for me, I didn't realize how great she was all those years ago.

But now, I know. Better late than never, I say.

I started listening to her music this past week and although I love all of it, this particular song stood out.  And by stood out, I mean I listened to it on repeat probably a dozen or more times in a row.  And loved it more with every listen.  I can't stop listening to it and humming it all my waking hours now.  And I think I dream about that melody at night...

It's my favorite type of song.  It sounds lovely, and sad, and although the lyrics aren't especially complicated, I don't really know exactly what it all means.  But I feel what it means. The CD version of the song has cello, and the cello can't help but make you feel something- and DEEPLY.

AND as a bonus, her name is Lucy.  What's not to love here?

So here it is- a live version of "You Are You Are", by Lucy Schwartz.  My new favorite.
(Please note, that there is no cello on this version- you'll have to find her "Keep Me" EP for that-)


Valerie said...

Great song! Glad you're liking the show!

kerriari said...

i'm glad you like it too. and yes, loving the show. i need fermin to go out of town again tho. i'm about 6 episodes in but i'm not sure he'd jump on board once i'm this far along.

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