Friday, December 21, 2018


December 16th was and is Mom's bday.  This year, she would've been 83.  But she didn't get past 69.

Each year since she's been gone, I have always marked that day with self indulgence and self love.  I don't do anything I don't want to do on December 16th.  It's only good stuff on that date. And almost always, I go to the movies- usually by myself.  Mom and I both loved going to movies, and often went together.  My love of both movies and reading is at least in large part due to Mom's influence on me.

But this year, I didn't see a movie.  But, of course I was aware all day that it was her birthday. I checked in with both my brother and my sister.  And Fermin and I talked a little about Mom.

I was with Fermin all day, because it fell on a Sunday this year.  I didn't even think about going to the movies alone, as I usually do.  Instead, after I read for a long while in the morning, Fermin and I took the dogs on a walk, then later went on a long and beautiful hike, and then ate a good meal out.

Mom loved going to movies, but Mom loved Fermin even more, so I KNOW she'd be so happy with how I spent the day.

My friend, Kelly, gave me a few pair of socks that I just received last weekend.  A sweet shout on to Mom are on my feet today...
Thanks, MOM!!
She pretty much WAS right about everything...
flowers on my feet ❤️

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