Monday, December 31, 2018


The other day in my Zumba class, one of the girls was saying that snow is in the forecast here on Christmas day.  I had to put my fingers in my ears and just say, "La la la la la...."- because I don't want to even think about missing a possible White Christmas.

We won't be spending Christmas at our home here in Colorado this year.  Our families and friends still live in Dallas, so we're heading there for the holiday.

I'll get to see Dad.  And my brother Fleetwood.  And my sister may or may not fly in, depending on when her friend's baby arrives. And of course, we'll see Fermin's family.  And some of our most special friends.  So I KNOW the trip will be worthwhile and fun once we get there.

But still, it's hard to want to leave HOME.   I've always been a homebody.  And now, more than ever.  I need to focus on the good things about going on this short little trip.  And remind myself that we will be back here soon.  And that THIS is where we live now.  Dallas is just a place we visit sometimes.

And there will be other White Christmases we can be here for. Until then, I'm just dreaming about it.

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