Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Seven Stones and a Necklace

"the place to be" #sevenstones
I've driven by a spot of land nearly every day since we've lived here in Roxborough.  The signage I can see from the road has always confused me a little.  It says "Seven Stones- A Botanical Gardens Cemetery".  That's been confusing to me for a few reasons.  One, it doesn't look anything like a cemetery.  At all.  And two, usually a botanical garden isn't also a cemetery.  I wondered, "Is this where good plants go to die?"

A few weeks ago, I noticed another sign advertising an event they were having at Seven Stones.  "Rox and Stones" they were calling it, saying that there would be local artists, live music and a food truck. I told Fermin we had to go. And so, we did!

And now, as morbid as this sounds, I know where I'd like to be buried.  (Although, honestly, I don't really plan on being buried.  I'm probably down for cremation.  But for the sake of expressing how much I loved this place, let's just say I want to be buried.)

Like I said before, Seven Stones doesn't look like a cemetery at all.  It looks like a park, with lots of pretty stone walkways, and a beautiful view of the mountains.  There are benches and lots of flowers. And I think my favorite thing was the sculptures.

They had metal sculptures like these that people had written messages on- So sweet...

There weren't many vendors, which seemed more tasteful when there are too may, and I really loved the few that were there. In one vendor's booth, I noticed this necklace, with a charm on it with a bird (as a rule, I love all things birds) that said "hold it closer"- I didn't know exactly what was meant by that little phrase, but it made me feel emotional.  As I was weirdly tearing up, I asked the astist what she meant by those words and she told me that she just meant, whatever it is that you love, hold it closer. And so, that necklace is now mine.  I've worn it each day since I bought it and I just adore it.

I still have some questions about this place, but now, I at least have an idea of what it is, and I love it.  I wonder why it's called "seven stones".  I wonder who's idea this was.  I wonder how many of the people there that day had a loved one in that cemetery. I wonder how often they have events there.  Because I'd like to go back.  And often. But long before I die.

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