Sunday, August 26, 2018

These Are the Good Old Days

I'm so out of the habit of writing in my blog, but this week, I'm jump starting things and I intend to write a few posts just to get back into the swing of it.

So often, I'll think, "OH!  I wanna blog about this!" I'll feel excited about it, and I'll think about what I plan to say and what photos I plan to use for illustration, but then, a day or two passes, and then whatever I was going to write about seems like old news.

Blog procrastination is a bad habit I'm ready to break.  NOW.

There are so many good things happening around me, and I want to write about as much of it as I can so that I can remember it that much better. I know this time, right here, right now, is the good old days.
THESE are the good old days
Ok, so....

This past Friday night, Fermin and I went to our first neighborhood party.  There's a couple that lives on our street that I've met a few time on the walking trail, and they told me about it about a week ago.  It was one of those things Fermin and I knew we should do, but it felt a little awkward as we were walking up the steps to the house- We didn't know anyone there.

There were a lot of people there, more than I expected. It felt friendly and welcoming from the second we walked in!  Everyone brought appetizers and whatever they wanted to drink.  There was tons of good food- tamales, dumplings, chili, cookies... the greatest hodge podge ever!

We stayed pretty late- in fact- we were some of the very last people to leave the party which is SO like Fermin, but really NOT like me at all.  But there was never really a point when I wanted to get home and take a bath, like I so often feel when I'm out socializing and hit my limit within a few hours in. And that really says a lot!

One couple we talked with invited us to go hiking the next morning...

And so we did!  Jim and Carolyn showed us trails in our neighborhood that lead to other, bigger trails... Some, that lead into Pike's Peak.  So within about 10 minutes of walking, it felt like we were in a totally different area.  We could no longer see the red rocks that so define our neighborhood, but instead, there were so many pine trees.
just a few minutes up the trail from our neighborhood


trees and more trees

I was a little worried about poison ivy, and mad at myself for wearing shorts instead of long pants.  But Carolyn loaned me some special soap I showered off with after we got home.  And either it worked well, or (more likely) I somehow dodged a poison ivy bullet.  Because so far, so good- No rash whatsoever.
And now that I know about that trail, I've got endless new miles I can walk with the dogs. And I WILL wear long pants next time, for sure.

Later that afternoon, after going out for tacos (which has become a Saturday ritual) and running lots of errands, we stopped by an event I had seen advertised called "Rox and Stones"- It was at Seven Stones Botanical Cemetery.  I have been so curious about this "cemetery" because I drive past it nearly every day.  All I knew was what the advertisement had said.  That Rox and Stones is "a Festival of Art, Music and Nature, showcases local artists on Seven Stones’ ever-changing grounds".

I loved it so much, that I plan on writing more about it tomorrow, before it becomes old news.  (*Remember, this is the new me! Procrastination no more!)

We came home and cooked a fine meal- seriously better than anything we could have gone out for- Fermin made the steak, and we had sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts, with a honey/balsamic coating and candied walnuts.  Oh. My. God.

Today, more hiking- We took Lucy to a new area, but we didn't get very far before we saw a sign telling us the trail was closed but not telling us why. :(

It was a hot day and we had gotten a late start anyway, so we went to the Chatfield Dog Park and let Lucy splash around in the water just long enough to lose her ball.  And then...tacos again!  Because every day is a great day for tacos!
Lucy, awaiting her breakfast taco at R Taco- YUM.

And now, I'm about to make dinner- So that's it for now, for my weekend recap.

Next up, I'll be writing more about the Rox and Stones event we got to go to yesterday, because it really deserves it's own dedicated blog post.

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