Monday, September 10, 2018

Before Sketchbook Skool

My friend Theresa and I just signed up for an online drawing course called, "How to Draw Without Talent."  I'm always wishing I could draw less like a 5 year old, and more like... well, I don't know, a 10 year old?

And lately, I've become interested in painting rocks for a rock garden, and to leave around town as happy little gifts to strangers.  But in order for my painted rocks to look nice, I've got to up my game in the drawing department.

Today I did the first "klass" assignment, which is simply to draw your hand while looking at it.

Below is the drawing- and the bad news is, it's pretty shitty.  But the good news is, I got nowhere to go from here but up and up and up.

This is only a week long, although self-paced course, so I'm not expecting any miracles.  But I am hoping to just have fun doodling with some instruction, and then hopefully doing it much more often from this point forward.  I know that's the name of the game of getting better at something.  Have fun and do it regularly.  So, here we go!

day 1.  thank god my hands aren't actually this ugly. :)

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