Monday, June 19, 2017

The Perfect Balance

Every time and I mean every time anyone asks my dad, "How are you today?" his answer is:
"Everyday's a great day... as long as you're alive."  I love that he says this and I feel that he truly feels that way. He's a very "glass-half full" kind of man.

But my philosophy is slightly different.

Every day is not a good day. Some days- or at least parts of some days- suck.  And other days are off-the-charts-fantastic! And still, others are right there in the middle.  It's those middle ones, the days that seem neither significantly good or bad, that I like to apply Dad's philosophy to.  If it's just an okay day, I want to remember to look closer and see greatness in all the little things.

Now... about those days that feel far from great, the ones that actually feel pretty shitty--- that's what I'd like to comment on now.

I'll use the weather as my way of analogy here.  If every single day was sunny, that sunny blue sky might start to feel redundant.  I could easily start to take it for granted, and maybe not even notice it. It's the overcast days, especially those stormy days-- that help me notice the sunny ones all the more.  And remember to really appreciate and soak them in, whenever they come my way.

This weekend, our friends came to visit us while we're in Asheville.  Due to bad weather, their original flight got delayed, cancelled, and eventually rerouted.  They ended up flying into a different city, getting in well after 1am.  From there, they had to rent a hotel room without their luggage, because the airline sent that somewhere else, and at that point, their bags and pretty much all of their belongings, were M.I.A.

The next morning, they had to wait until noon for a rent car to become available.  Then, they had a 2 hour commute to get to us.  They ended up getting to the house about a day late, wearing their clothes from the day before.

So that part was not a great day.  But you know what was?  All those moments over the next two days that we did get to be with them.  The airlines finally located their bags so we all drove the 3 hour round trip to that airport to get their luggage. They were so happy to finally get a change of clothes. And although it was not on the fun agenda of plans Fermin and I had concocted for us, that drive back and forth to the airport was still fun.  We were all together, driving in a beautiful area, on our way to pick up their bags!  Woo hoo!!!

That's what I mean.  I don't think every day is a great day.  But I think having some good, and some not-so-good, can make for great moments, and really...a great life.  

I dug around on YouTube to find this song I wrote over 10 years ago about this very topic.  I'm accompanied by my friend, Cornell Kinderknecht on flute.  Performing with him was definitely a great day.


Kerri said...

thank u, kelly!

Tanya said...

Love this! What a beautiful message and song! I just love your voice so much!!:)