Tuesday, June 6, 2017

No More Wasted Days

I've lived in Dallas forever.  And that's a mighty long time. 

So now, there's talk that we may be moving- to one of the dreamiest spots I could imagine- the Asheville area of North Carolina.  My husband and I decided that it made sense to come visit here for the month, get familiar with the area, see how it works for him travel-wise, etc

We split our drive into two days- because the drive was long.  Even longer than the GPS estimated.  Due to traffic, construction, frequent bathroom breaks (damn you, small bladder!), and meals... it was two full days of driving.

We got in late Thursday, and then settled in over the weekend... and now, here we are, nearly a week after leaving Dallas.  It's gorgeous, and I love everything I've seen so far.
this is the street, right in front of the house we're staying in

I had this epiphany today while walking Ricky at this little lake very near the house we are staying in.  Stick with me here, I'll get to it, but let me do it in a slightly rambling way...
this is Ricky, during my epiphany at the lake!
Fermin is working each day.  Just like he normally would if we were in Dallas.  He works from home when he isn't traveling.  So far, he hasn't wanted or had time for morning hikes before work.  But for instance, today he said we could all go hike after lunch.  I waited around and he came downstairs around 1pm to eat lunch.  I asked him when we were going out for our hike and he said his day got way too busy.

Which is why I then got in the car and drove to the lake just 5 minutes from here. Not exactly a hike, but nice and easy to get to. 

While I was at the lake area, I saw a bulletin board that posted local events going on this week.  A beginners class to woodworking for only $5, line dancing one night, etc.  Not that those things necessarily appealed to me, but seeing that did make me wonder what the f am I doing here?  We came out here to explore, get familiar, answer the questions we have about NC.  Although Fermin has work to do, my only job while here is to immerse myself in the area and get familiar with it. 

But I've been waiting until Fermin can do it with me.

I drove his car to an area about half and hour away yesterday and it felt like a big adventure on my own.  But all it was was checking out one of the many towns I'm curious about, and doing drive-bys on a handful of homes I saw on Realtor.com in that area.  It doesn't sound like a big deal but I have been being such a weenie on adventure lately, I'm just very rusty.

That all ends NOW.

For the rest of our time in North Carolina, it's total immersion for me.  Every day, I'm doing something that is at least slightly out of my comfort zone.  If there's something I'm curious about, I'm going to go check it out.  If there's a house I want to see, or an area I want to learn about, I'm not only going to drive there, I'm actually going to talk to people there!  I'm going to get some realtors to meet me and actually show me the INSIDES of some of these houses!  I'm not going to just go on the nearby easy walks each day: I'm taking hikes in new places!

Because that's why I'm here.  It's not Fermin's job to hold my hand through all of this.  He has his job (and I'm so thankful that he brings home the bacon!) but I should take this exploration of North Carolina on as MY job.  When he can join me on it, I know he will.

I have been ridiculous so far.  But I figured it all out today. No more wasted days.  Not one.


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