Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Music Monday- Life is Wonderful by Jason Mraz

Ahhh.  This song is from the Jason Mraz's 2005 CD, Mr. A-Z.

I have such a fond memory of my first time to hear the song that I'm writing about today.  I was in Asheville, N.C. for a songwriting workshop.  I had just flown in, got my rent car, and pulled into some place that sold music (I can't even remember where) because during my flight I read that Jason had a new CD out.  I needed something good to listen to for that beautiful drive from the airport to where I was staying.

The first song on that CD is "Life is Wonderful". And on that day, life was indeed especially wonderful.  The view of those Blue Ridge Mountains and that song made me so happy.  I can still totally remember that feeling, and it gives me chills. Music has a way of time stamping important moments in life, and for me, this was one.

I felt so proud of myself that day.  I was nervous about traveling alone and going to that song camp, but I was DOING IT.  And that's what mattered.

I want more of that.
More of being brave.
More of new experiences.
And please... more views like that in my daily life.
the Blue Ridge Mountains

Happy Music Monday.  Thank you, Jason Mraz- for being my soundtrack for that meaningful trip to North Carolina.  You added to the beauty.

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