Wednesday, March 15, 2017

My Resparkable Vintage Website

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was in the muck (and I mean muck!) of making a new website that would be dedicated to all things vintage jewelry.  Well... I finished it.  Or at least, it's good enough to go.  I'll improve it and add things to it along the way.  But I agree with that phrase, "Done is better than perfect."

So pop over and check it out.  And subscribe! Or bookmark it! Or leave a comment on a blog!  Or whatever you want!  Just do it.  And then you too will know that feeling of, "Done is better than perfect."

Here is is...
Resparkable Vintage


essay best said...

Whoa!!! Good work there, you have good collection of vintage jewelry. Thank you for letting us know about your website

Unknown said...

What great ideas you have! I have gone through boxes of old jewelry many times in thrift shops or after some older lady in the family has passed on and thought these could be great, but somehow they are just not my taste. Now I see that there are all kinds of options if you use your imagination to recreate!

Lucius Cambell @ Skild