Thursday, February 23, 2017

Is This Winter?

In case the fact that it's currently 87 degrees in Dallas wasn't enough to make it clear that Winter has already left the building, there's also this evidence:
my neighbors tree already has buds.

daffodils growing out of a crack in the sidewalk

more daffies
the trees are already budding with green leaves
And while all this might seem nice, because who doesn't love Spring?- to me, it's a gross reminder of what's to follow:  A long, hot summer. 

IF I were to still be living in Dallas by the time June rolls around.  

I went into my closet to get dressed today, and I looked at the sweaters I had pulled out in December with the high hopes of wearing them often this winter.  But as it turned out, there were not many days at all that were cold enough for my most hard-core sweaters.  And the Canadian Goose coat Fermin gave me for Christmas?  Forget about it...

Knowing those sweaters wouldn't get out of the closet this year, I decided to put them away in their storage container.  And then I decided to think of that container as their moving box.  They will be moved to a cooler climate with me.  And it can't happen soon enough.  I am so over Dallas.  I've put in more than enough years here already. 

This warm weather reminds me it's time to move on.  This day would feel great if I didn't have to know what follows a warm and early Spring.  But I know it, all too well.  February 23rd shouldn't require shorts and flip flops.  Instead, it should look something like THIS:
Boulder.  Today.
This day is a great reminder to me to amp up our search for a new home- Mountains or BUST.