Thursday, June 30, 2016

You Can't Always Get What You Want...

Yesterday, as I was leaving a training class I took at the Apple store, a homeless man approached me with a handful of coins and asked if I could give him change.  With just a little more money, he claimed, he could go buy his lunch.  Because I had my hands full with my computer and a fresh bottle of water, and my purse is actually a backpack strapped on my back,I didn't want to rummage around for money.  So instead, I offered him my unopened bottle of water.  Because really, what's a hotter commodity during an afternoon, outside, in the summer heat, in Dallas than a nice cold bottle of water?

But this guy was not interested in my water-- "No, I don't want your water.  I want some money so I can buy my lunch."

And I said, "Are you sure?  You don't want this fresh bottle of water?"

He sort of rolled his eyes at me and turned around to find a different person to ask.  But then he turned his head back around at me and yelled something... I'm not sure what, but I know he sounded really annoyed with me.  Me and my stupid water.

I was honestly a little put off.  I tried to be helpful.  And he was just rude and unappreciative.  Oh well- Whatever, Man.  Hopefully you were able to round up enough cash for a happy meal.

A little later that day, I was downtown in an area I'm familiar with.  I was having trouble finding a place to park, and I was running late to where I was going.  After circling the block twice, I found a parking meter, so I pulled into the spot.

I put all the coins I had in the meter.  But it only gave me something like 36 minutes on the meter, which I knew wasn't enough time.  So I asked a woman nearby if she had change for a dollar.  "No.  I don't have any- sorry."

I asked another man I saw.  He gave me the same quick answer.

I asked two more men, and they both said they didn't have any change.  One recommended I ask someone at the hotel down the street.

And it occurred to me that these people might think I'm homeless and panhandling for money.  And I wondered, "Is this my karmic punishment for not giving that man earlier today the money he asked for?"

No one offered me a water, and if they had, I would have so gladly accepted it.  It's hot out there, people! But fortunately, the hotel was able to give me my change.  But it was a hassle, and it was frustrating. I'm pretty sure, that on this point, me and the homeless man could agree.


Valerie said...

Hey, at least you tried to help. This happened to me once--a guy asked for some food as I was going in to the grocery store. I got him some fruit and crackers and a couple of those tuna packets. When I came out, he was asking another lady for food too. When I gave him what I had purchased, instead of saying thank you, he said he meant something like a rotisserie chicken. Well excuse me! I figure if you're hungry, you're hungry and you'll eat whatever you can, but I guess not. He took it anyway and then meekly said thanks. It was disappointing and frustrating.

The other day, I was in the car and a guy was on the median strip with a sign saying he was looking for a little help. The lady in front of me rolled down her window and handed him a bottle of water. I thought that was a great idea and the gentleman gladly accepted it. It was hot here too, so I'm sure he needed that water. I was thinking I might get water to keep in the car for such situations, but we'll see.

Kerri said...

yes- i thought the idea of the water was a good idea, but apparently my homeless man didn't agree. hope you have better luck.
how funny that your guy wanted rotisserie! :) i guess when you have a craving for something specific, and you can't have it, it can make you pretty cranky.