Thursday, July 7, 2016

"What Should I Read Next?" Podcast

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For me, it all started with Serial.  I'm pretty sure the hype of that brilliant series did a lot for the world of podcasting. After Serial ended, of course I wanted more.  At first, I was in search of more podcasts just like it.  But, honestly, there weren't (and aren't) any.  But there are loads of great ones out there for sure!

Although I don't subscribe to any, I do regularly download episodes from about 25 different podcasts.  Some podcasts release a new episode weekly. Others, not quite as often.  I don't listen to each episode of all of those podcasts, but I do read the title and brief description of the current episode, and if it's something I'm interested in, I download it so it' on my phone when I'm ready to listen.

I walk my dogs daily.  Each dog, twice a day.  That's 4 walks a day (at least). And it's during those long walks that I listen to podcasts.  So, yes... I listen to a lot them.  About a wide range of topics.
When I stumble upon a podcast I really like, it's hard not to talk about it to other people. It's like when you read a great book, and you want your friends to read it too, so you can discuss it.

So with that in mind, I wanted to write about a podcast I just discovered this week, and have already binged the first 9 episodes. 
"What Should I Read Next" with Anne Bogel

The host of the show, Anne Bogel seems to have read every book out there. What a brilliant idea for a podcast!  Here's the basic format for each episode.

She has a guest on each week, and she asks them these 3 questions:
1. What are 3 books you love? (and why)
2. What is one book you hate? (and why)
3. What are you currently reading?

And with that information, she gets a good feel for the types of books that person likes.  Then, she recommends the next 3 books they should read next.

I keep adding more and more book titles to the "Notes" app on my phone while I listen to Anne's podcast.  I not only get great book recommendations from her guest's "3 books I love" list, but also, from Anne's recommendation list.

What Should I Read Next? premiered this past January, so there are lots of episodes to go through.  And believe me, I will go through them all.


Valerie said...

This sounds interesting--I'll definitely check it out! Have you read any of Anne's recommendations yet, and do you feel that her tastes are the same as yours?

Kerri said...

i'm familiar with lots of books she mentions, so yes, i would take her recommendation! in fact, i'm reading one now and really liking it. i can't think of the exact title, but it's something like, the little book store of big stone gap. a memoir about a couple that quits there jobs and renovates an old big house into a used bookstore. i think i'm drawn to it bc i secretly want to do the same thing! the idea of owning a little book shop in a quaint town is so appealing!

Valerie said...

That would be very cool!