Thursday, June 2, 2016

Book Review: The Short Drop by Matthew Fitzsimmons

Just a quick review.  And a little confession.

The Short Drop by Matthew Fitzsimmons
The book was good.  Maybe even great.  It had a little murder mystery, political nastiness, lots of twists and turns, and although it was a complex plot, the author did a good job of keeping it pretty easy to understand.  It was good, right down to the last (short) drop.

But I have to confess.  The book was a little shy of about 400 pages if I remember correctly.  I can't check and tell you for sure, because I already had to return it to the library. A library due date is a blessing and a curse! 

Because library books have due dates, that helps me actually make them a priority to read.  On the other hand, when I buy a book- whether it's a hard copy or the Kindle version, there is no due date.  It's mine forever, and I can read it anytime I want. So, that explains the library books having priority. And for them, that's a good thing.

Sometimes, I can extend the library book's due date.  But once another patron requests it, I'm not allowed to renew.  I have to return it so the next person in line can read it.  Dammit.

That's what happened with The Short Drop.  Which made the title seem personally significant to me.  I had to drop everything else so I could read it in a short amount of time.  And because of that, I started reading it as fast as possible.  My version of speed reading is this: Skim, and focus the more careful reading on the dialogue parts of the book.  I got a little lazy on this one and read it maybe a little too fast.  I likely skipped over some things I should have paid closer attention to.  But hey, it still worked.  I got the jest of it.  But don't ask me to give you an in depth book review.

So that's the confession.  I sometimes skim and hurry through books.  Typically, this happens when I'm rushed, with a due date, like I explained above.  But also, sometimes, when a book just is long-- even if it's good!- I just get to a point where I'm so ready to move on to the next book waiting for me.  Because there is always a next book waiting for me.

I wish I never rushed on my reading, and that I never felt like I had to.  But.... it is what it is.  A girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do. I blame due dates and my short attention span.  Wait.  That sounds like I'm pregnant...
(I'm not pregnant.  But this graphic was cute, so I wanted to include it.)

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