Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Weekend in Boerne

Boerne, Texas is pronounced like Bernie, the name.  As in "Weekend at Bernie's"  As in "Bernie" starring Jack Black. Or even better, as in Bernie Sanders! (GO BERNIE!)

It's near San Antonio, and it's in the "hill country" of Texas.  Spring is a great time to go there, because there's an abundance of wildflowers...especially bluebonnets- The Texas state flower. We saw them all along the highway.
Bluebonnets in Texas

Me and Fermin- in a field of bluebonnets

Our friends Kelly and Craig live there.  They let us crash in on their Easter weekend for the second year in a row.  So now, it's sorta a tradition, and it's probably bound to happen again next year, and the next, and the next...

Although it was Easter, Kelly made it feel like Christmas.  Anyone who knows me knows I'm a fool for vintage jewelry.  Like me, Kelly is an estate sale junkie junkie.  (See what I did there?)  She bought me all this unique jewelry that she surprised me with.  She had it laid out across her long table in her dining room, like it was on display at a fine jewelry store. I failed to snap any photos of that, but here are some photos I took of all the jewels once we returned home...
the earrings

the pins
the necklaces
and Ricky's pretty excited about ALL of it!
She also got me this Hello Kitty hat, but Fermin took a liking to it, so I guess it's his now.  And that's okay with me... He looks pretty irresistible in it I think. Hubba Hubba!
We had several super delicious home cooked meals.  And a few restaurant cooked meals. And mainly, just laughed at stupid stuff all weekend long...
this picture and our faces say it all! ;)
And THAT sounds like a perfect weekend to me!

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