Monday, March 7, 2016

Music Monday- "Piece by Piece" by Kelly Clarkson

Although I have watched many past seasons of American Idol, I stopped several years ago.  It got less and less exciting to me as the years rolled on.  There was nothing that could match up to that first year, when none of us really knew what to expect.  And, that first season's winner,...Kelly Clarkson.  I remember how week after week, she just kept blowing everyone away with that voice! I wanted her to win from the very beginning...and she did!

I know she's gone on to be a big success, but I haven't really followed her career too much. I kept seeing people's post on Facebook about her performance on American Idol last week.  And last night, a friend told me about the song.  As she was telling me about the lyrics, and their meaning, she got a little teary eyed. 

So, I decided to finally check out the video of Kelly Clarkson singing her song, "Piece by Piece".

It's a great song, sung by a beautiful and powerful voice.  But, for me anyway, more than anything, the reason Kelly Clarkson's performance brought me to tears was because of her emotional response to the song while she was on stage, in front of the world.

People always apologize for crying in public. (And in private!) You can even hear Kelly say "I'm sorry", during and after this performance.  But that kind of true expression of vulnerability is what connects us so deeply to another human being, whether we know them or not. Often times, we end up crying with them, and then we're in this experience of deep emotion together.  And so, it's really nothing to be sorry for.  It's a beautiful and human thing.

So get out your Kleenex.  And enjoy being human.

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Valerie said...

I meant to write a post about this myself. I've watched it 6 or 7 times now and I cry each time. I loved seeing Kelly back on the show. It seems to me that she hasn't changed at all and is just as self-deprecating and humble as she's always been. Love her! She was a great judge too...they should've brought her back years ago to judge or mentor.