Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Not So Super Wednesday


Being a Texan on Super Tuesday felt so defeating.  And although I read and like to believe that "My Vote Counts", the truth is, it doesn't.

I live in a Republican state... and it's looking more and more like Trump will be the Republican candidate. And that is totally embarrassing.

But hey, wait! I'm a Democrat. But in Texas... that counts for just about nothing.

Listening to the media today, they're making it sound like Bernie doesn't have a chance- that instead, it will be Hillary Clinton running against Trump.  And of course, I will get behind Clinton if and when it comes to that.  But can we please not count Bernie out just yet?!  C'mon!  Please just listen to him- He could make a real difference.  And it would be a positive one, unlike what Trump could do to our nation.

I don't like to talk politics, and I seldom do.  But I just had to express my disappointment today.  I'm still feeling the Bern.