Friday, April 4, 2014

Our Trip To NYC- The Rest of It

If you read my post earlier in the week, you already know about the highlight of our fabulous trip to NYC this past weekend... But besides the Jonatha Brooke play, "My Mother Has 4 Noses", NYC was so, so good to us!

One of our gorgeous views from our hotel room at Trump Soho.
We stayed in Soho, which I really liked.  Sure, it's still NYC, still Manhattan, but it seems much more quite and relaxed than some other areas. We stayed at the TrumpSoho, which was really nice and located conveniently right across the street from Starbucks, and a very nearby Subway station.

We ate at some great restaraunts-- all within walking distance of our hotel.
Fermin finishing off his risotto at Il Buco.  YUM.
Me and Fermin at the delicious KOI in the Trump hotel.
Waiting for "Beautiful" to begin!
The day after seeing "My Mother Has 4 Noses", we went to see the Carole King musical, "Beautiful."  Since we had seen "4 Noses" the day before and loved it so much, I thought we might be just luke warm over "Beautiful", but I was wrong.  It was SO great!  And since Carole is from Brooklyn, it was a great thing to see in NYC.  The audience seemed to be very full of 60 and 70 year old Jewish women.  (Is Carole Jewish?  I have no idea...) I think Fermin and I were the youngest people in the audience, and of course we always love feeling like we're the youngest!  :)  It was such a fun musical, and everyone knew every song in it!  I so highly recommend it!
Although it rained a few cats, but mostly dogs, while we were there, it didn't stop us from having loads of fun!
There's nothing like the energy of the big apple!  Me, with my Starbucks, on Broadway.

There was a Hello Kitty store located right next door to Jonatha's play.  Of course, I got something!  It's a t-shirt that is similar to the I Heart NY infamous shirt, but instead of a heart, it's Kitty's face! Kitty equals Love. How awesome! 
Hello Kitties!
This little weekend trip to New York was just perfect.  When I first had mentioned the idea of it to Fermin, he seemed to not really want to go.  It 's during "end of quarter" at work, and on top of that, he's starting a brand new job. He was hoping my friend Kelly would meet me there.  But she couldn't, and I told him I needed him to rally and get pumped up about it, because it was really important to me.  And you know what?  He totally rallied!  He and I both had a great time.  So much so that we vowed to make it a yearly trip.  So until next year...
I "Hello Kitty" NY


Valerie said...

So glad you had such a good trip. Now plan a quick weekend to DC, please! :o)

Melissa Sarno said...

Oh no! You were in NYC and I didn't know it! But I'm thrilled you had such an amazing trip. My mother got tickets to see Beautiful for her birthday. She is so looking forward to it! You ate at some wonderful restaurants too. Yum! I hope you find your way here again so we can meet : )