Wednesday, April 30, 2014

1970s Hand Embroidered Shirts

I'm feeling nostalgic, and missing my mom today...

But what made me feel immediately better, was pulling out this shirt from the back of my storage closet and putting it on to wear today.
my hand embroidered 1970s shirt, made by Mom
Mom made one of these for everyone in my family.  The one I'm wearing today was hers.  The one she made for me hangs right beside her shirt in my closet.   So, I got it out too just to look out how cute it was. 
Mom's shirt on the left, the one she made me, on the right
back view
I remember, my favorite part of my shirt was the bunny on the front pocket.  Mom loved bunnies, and so do I.  To this day, anytime I see a bunny (real, or otherwise), it makes me think of Mom.
bunny on my pocket
Mom also made this jean jacket I wear on occasion.  It's so funny to me with this lone American Bald Eagle on the back... Mom was very patriotic!  I think she made this for my brother when he was a kid, but I'm not sure.  

 I know the shirt I'm wearing today took some time and care for Mom to make.  I love that I've held onto it all these years...

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