Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lost Hawaiian Vintage Beads

I am beside myself with grief.

I just returned from Hawaii yesterday.  (Which was great, and I'll eventually discuss!)  I thought I was so super smart:  I didn't sleep at all on the flight back, stayed awake a full 24 hours, and woke up this morning thinking, "Great!  I feel refreshed!  This is the best time/jet lag- adjustment I've ever had." 

HOWEVER, I have a fuzzy recollection of getting out the vintage beads and a pair of really cool handmade earrings I bought while on vacation.  I think I got them out of my carry on luggage yesterday once I got home.  But they're are no where to be found now.  And I've torn the house apart, looking for them.

some of the beads i bought in hawaii.  currently m.i.a.
Perhaps my fuzzy recollection was just a dream.  Maybe rather than that memory where I thought I took them out of my carry on at home, I really did that in the airport.  Or on the plane. Or back the hotel.  Who knows where those beads and earrings are now.

I really can't remember when I last saw them.

But I saw them.

I thought I was being so careful with them.

But as of now, they seem to be lost.  So much for being smart by pulling this all-nighter during travel that made me lose my mind.  And my beads.  :(

So I'm asking for the help of the Universe.  Or God.  Or Mom.  Or whoever it is out there who can help those beads find their way back to me...


ally K said...

I hope you've found them??!! If not, just might mean another trip to Hawaii! :)

Kerri said...

i found them!!! yay! but yes, still need many more trips to hawaii regardless of that! :)