Sunday, November 10, 2013

My First Craft Fair

We did it!  My friend Allyson and I sold our repurposed vintage jewelry at a craft fair this weekend!  It was our first craft fair, so we didn't quite know what to expect, so we were a little nervous going into it.  But we did it!

It was probably the perfect first craft fair for us... It was pretty small, so it never felt stressful.  My Square Reader had trouble swiping people's credit cards, so I had to type in all the information manually.  But since the crowd was small, it didn't feel hurried or rushed.  Everyone was nice and we got a lot of great feedback!

Here's how our booth looked...
The "Sparkle" Booth

repurposed jewelry, and repurposed display pieces
People seemed to like the jewelry a lot, and they had nice things to say about our booth.  In fact, some people asked about buying some of our displays!!  We joked that if the jewelry thing didn't pan out, we're pretty sure we could just start selling displays.  But I'd WAY rather get to keep repurposing jewelry! ;)

The other nice thing lots of people commented on were my price tags.  That made me so happy because I spent a lot of time making them.  But I really loved them, and felt like it was worth the effort.  I photocopied old pictures from the 40s (some of my Grandmother, Lola!), cut them out and glued them onto tag board.  I wrote a little description of each piece in its tag.  I wanted people to know what was special (vintage!) about each piece, and hoped that might add to their appreciated for the jewelry.
handmade display tags for my repurposed jewelry designs
All in all, the craft fair was a success for Resparkable Vintage.

We have another Holiday Bazaar coming up in mid-December. 
We'll have lots of new stuff, because the elves will be very busy between now and then repurposing vintage jewelry into something fresh and new!  Hope to see you there...

Bishop Lynch Christmas Bazaar:  Saturday, December 14 9am-5pm
6139 Highgate Lane
Dallas, TX 75214


doggie mamma said...

Looks gorgeous! So happy for you!

Kerri said...

thank you so much, doggie mamma! :)