Monday, June 25, 2012


The rest of my birthday weekend was great...
I got to spend lots of time with the Ricardo's, I got to go out for Mexican food with friends, Fermin made Fermalada's (similar to Pina Colada's, but with less sugar and fat!) to celebrate the occasion, and I made a necklace for myself and my sister.
My friends gave me this cute mug I can drink out of while I look at my cute garden art, which are from the same owl family!
They also gave me this super cute little coin purse from Paris.  I love the fancy little button on it!
Fermin gave me a gift he's given  me many times before-  He knows he can never go wrong with a gift card from Nordstrom Spa.

He also brought home these lovely flowers for me~

Besides the gifts, the weekend was really not that different than most.  Which to me says I live a pretty sweet life year round!

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