Monday, June 4, 2012

Maui Jim

This post is going to make me sound like I'm irresponsible with sunglasses.
But the truth is, when my glasses break, it's usually not my fault.  And although I misplace them often,  I don't think I've ever actually lost a pair.

I love Maui Jim lenses.  Not because I love the island of Maui either.  (Altho I did ironically buy my first pair when I was once on vacation in Maui!) I don't necessarily think they are the most stylish frames, but I totally don't care.  If you're ever around water, I swear, you see it totally differently if you're wearing Maui's!  Anyway, because of that, I own a few pair.  Two for running (two broken pair that is-- I'll explain in a minute) and one pair to just wear whenever I'm in the sunlight.

I think there is a design flaw with the two I use for running because the lenses have both cracked in the exact same spot.  So either they are defective, or my face is.  And this isn't even the first time they've cracked!  They've cracked before as well, but I've either been able to exchange them, or send them off to Maui Jim and they send me a brand new pair.  I sent these two pair off a few weeks ago, hoping I'd get them back before I went to Hawaii...  Unfortunately, the USPS was holding them at the station and I didn't get a notice until I received one lone "final notice" (as if had been sent others?!) came in the mail the day after I got back in to Dallas.  But look!!!
two brand new pair of Maui Jims!!!
And all they cost me was the $11 processing fee I sent in with the broken ones. 

My other pair, the ones I wear for all things other than running, are currently in terrible shape.  One day, I could have sworn I had my glasses with me on the way out to my car.  But I couldn't find them once I was in the car.  "oooh well,"  I thought, as I backed out of my garage.  And then I heard my tire roll over something crunchy.  It ends up, I rolled over my glasses, in their case!  They must have fallen out of my purse on the way to the car.  BOO. 
the remains
I was going to send them off, and hope for a new replacement pair.  But Fermin talked me out of it.  We decided I really shouldn't push my luck too much, and after all, I guess this was my fault.  It certainly was not Maui Jim's fault anyway.

Anyway, just had to give a little shout out to Maui Jim for the fine customer service!  Greatly appreciated!

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