Friday, June 29, 2012


For the past 4 years, around this time of year, I start up on the 50/90 Challenge.  Writing 50 songs in 90 days is a mad, mad pace.  It's given me confidence in myself to know that I'm able to crank out that many songs in such a limited amount of time.

Just in that time alone, I've written 200 songs.
It seems wasteful that those songs, as well as many others, just sit in notebooks that stay up on my bookshelf.  I gave them attention during their first spark of creation, but have mostly ignored them ever since.   It's possible some songs could be really great with just a bit of polishing.  (Or a lot of polishing!)

So this year, I've decided to forgo the July 4- October 1 songwriting extravaganza, and instead spend that time further crafting songs I have already written.  I also intend to spend the time immersing myself in the Logic software I bought months ago.  I feel like these two challenges go hand in hand.

Hopefully I'll get a good batch of demos recorded over the next 90 days.  And who knows, a new CD or at least an EP might be soon to follow!

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