Thursday, October 16, 2008

Talking to No One

I am currently at the Dallas Public Library- One of my favorite places. I love being surrounded by books,magazines, cds and dvds- all for the taking- FREE!

I am also currently sitting across from a woman talking to herself. She has her phone in her hand, and she's about to make a phone call. I guess she's preparing herself for the upcoming phone call. She sounds mad. Just now, her 4-ish year old, Dane, has come up to her, wanting to sit in the chair with her while he looks at the book he's picked out. She tries to shoo him away saying she's about to make a phone call. But he disregards what she says and stays and smooshes his little body in the chair with her. Her phone call is going to be something big, I can tell. And I'm especially glad to be at the library today. I'll admit it, I'm a voyeur and I like to see what people are doing when they think no one is watching.

Oh no. She's really just calling around for a DVD. The library was suppose to hold it for her, but apparently, they did NOT. This is an outrage.

As soon as she hangs up the phone, she makes comments about the conversation, that I'm pretty sure Dane cares nothing about. It's sort of the equivalent of talking to herself. Except Dane just happens to be beside her and now it doesn't look quite as strange if someone were to walk past her.

I've always been so fascinated by people who talk to themselves. Do they realize they are doing it out loud?

She just got up and walked over to look at the books. And now she's talking either to, or about, the books. Dane is still here by me, so the words coming out of her mouth aren't directed to him. Or anyone. I just hear her mumbling away.

Is Dane going to grow up to be a man that talks to himself? Does he find it odd that his mom talks to herself? He doesn't seem to notice. I guess this is normal for him. And for her. How does he know when he's suppose to listen to her, and when he's suppose to ignore the conversation she's privately trying to have with herself?

She's ready to go now. So her and Dane are off. No more mumbling. The library is quiet once again.

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Anonymous said...

I like listening in on people in public places, too. Thursday I was having student conferences in the big lunchroom at the school, because it's more private than the adjunct office (small space plus secretary plus other adjuncts). I had to wait around some and I heard someone talking to an ex-student of mine at their lunch table. This guy said, "Everyone is dead. We just don't know when or why." That struck me as sort of funny! SSW