Monday, October 6, 2008

The Guide

I've heard the (print) newspaper is a dying breed. I still subscribe to the Dallas Morning News, and read it every morning. Altho it's now so easy to get news online, I still like holding it in my hands, rather than reading it off a computer screen.

For the past few weeks, the DMN has been getting me all worked up about the NEW GuideDaily section they kept advertising was "coming soon". They made it sound like it was going to be a big improvement from the current Guide. It became a little joke once I pointed out the advertising to my husband. It was going to have all my favorite things: book reviews, movies, cartoons, advice columns, concerts, and fun stuff to do. Everyday, there was a count down of when GuideDaily was launching.

This past Sunday was the BIG day. My husband woke me up by holding the GUIDE section in my face saying, "KERRI! IT'S HERE" I jumped out of bed and followed him and the Guide to the kitchen table.

WOW. They cleverly combined what used to be the Living section (comics and advice columns) with what used to be the Guide section (mindless Hollywood trivia, movie times, occasional book reviews,...) and now they call it GuideDaily. It was definitely worth the wait and anticipation!

And now I have a better understanding why the newspaper is a dying breed.

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