Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I used to be a 1st grade teacher. It may sound funny, but back when I was a teacher I was at the peak of my financial earnings. If as a musician, I could make what I made as a teacher, I'd feel RICH.

That isn't to say that my life doesn't feel rich. In many ways it does. But I do sometimes feel a little sad that I don't bring more bread to the table. Or that I don't bring home more bacon to fry up in the pan.

My husband is nothing but supportive and never makes me feel inferior about my meager earnings. But it must sometimes feel to him that he lives with a teenager making minimum wage. I sometimes feel that way about myself.

I try not to buy into the starving artist mentality. But if I had only my earnings to live on, would I starve? Or would I just go back to teaching and once again, be rolling in the dough?

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Rrramone said...

Nice use of the word dough! :-)