Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Newsflash: No Starbucks 5:30-8:30 TODAY

You may have already heard because it is, after all, national headlining news today. Starbucks will be closing from 5:30-8:30 this evening.

I was at the gym and saw only that is would close for the 3 hours, but since there was no volume on, I didn't get to hear why. I did, however, overhear two women on treadmills behind me reading the headline and then wondering outloud- WHY? Immediately following THAT news report, there was another one about some special deal Dunkin' Donuts was offering today. (Not as astounding, and so I don't remember the details.) So one of the treadmill ladies said to the other, "Oh, maybe it's in observance of someone that died." And the other lady replied, "Yeah, but 3 hours? It seems like just a moment of silence would be enough!"

Once I arrived back home, for some weird reason, I found myself still wondering WHY Starbucks is closing down for 3 whole hours today. So I googled it- And oh boy! There were lots of links to answer my question. It's just for some employee training.

But we're talking Starbucks. This effects many, and so it's big news. HOLD TIGHT, it's only 3 hours. And there's rumors that some good changes are on the way!!!

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