Sunday, February 24, 2008


The good news is I think I'll be getting a LOT done around the house over the next few weeks.
The bad news is I don't think I'll be leaving the house much for the next few weeks.
The other good news is that I do love my home and the living creatures in it.
Which leads to the best news of all, and that is that Scout has her surgery behind her and is on the mend!

We picked her up from the hospital yesterday. And when I say hospital, I mean HOSPITAL. A 3 story animal medical building with elevators! Once we got to our surgeons suite, we were taken back to a private room. The nurse went over Scout's post-op care with us. Once we knew how many drugs we needed to keep her on for a while, and were reminded that she's not suppose to walk on her leg at all for about 6-8 weeks, and were told to use something called an e-collar so Scout wouldn't mess with her stitches, we were released back into the waiting room. And then they brought Scout out.

I must admit, I was pretty shocked when I saw her. So shocked that my first reaction was fear, followed by crying. Super helpful, I'm sure. Not the calm assertive leader I wanted to be for her. Her leg that they operated on looked like a big turkey leg. The shaved it completely- from her tail to her foot. (But NOT her foot, which looks very poodle-y now.) And she was wearing the e-collar, which I now know is just another word for large, plastic lamp shade. She was whimpering a whimper I have never heard from her before. And I think she'd been doing it all night because her voice sounded really hoarse. She was sort of staggering around as the nurse helped her make her way to us. She didn't seem like Scout at all.

My husband very kindly, but in so many words, told me I needed to suck it up. And he was totally right. We've watched enough of the Cesar Milan shows to know that Scout is looking to us to see how things are gonna go. I don't think my initial reaction was making her feel confident, or brave, or like this was just a temporary condition. I might have even been the cause of her pathetic whimpering. (Which by the way, continued on for about 2 solid hours.)

Let me tell you, yesterday was quite challenging. For all of us. Scout was either whimpering, or sleeping most of the day. Once we took the lamp shade off, she was able to calm down and get comfortable. As parents, Fermin and I decided that e-collar is doing more harm than good. I took Zoe on an extra long walk. She needed to get some of her energy out before spending time with Scout. (and so did I!) We all stayed home all day, and all night- Keeping our eyes on Scout. Fermin even slept on the floor beside her all night.

She already seems to be feeling better today. Which is good and bad. Good for obvious reasons- but keeping her off her foot is more challenging today than it was yesterday.

It's going to be a long couple of months. But lots of things are going to get organized around here. Some rooms will probably be painted new colors. And all the while, Scout will be healing. And by the time bikini season arrives, she'll be back in bikini body form!

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