Sunday, February 10, 2008

HA larious/ Burning Question

There are certain subjects I try to NOT write about on this blog. But they are usually the ones I want to write the most. Just to get it OUT. Up until now, I've been good about refraining when these types of things come up. But this feels undeniable.

Last night when we went over to my husband's father's house, my husband's mom said to me, "Kerri!!! You've gained weight!"

What I wanted to say, I didn't say. What I calmly said instead was, "Nope, I pretty much stay the same weight all the time."

Her reply was: "NO! Your legs!! and your ----" and she sort of pointed to her own butt rather than saying the word BUTT. Because now, THAT could be offensive. But the way she did it, loudly, and in front of the entire family was so tactful.

What do you say to that kind of greeting? I'm honestly not sure what I said. I was sort of mortified. I still am.

I've thought about it literally ALL DAY. Why is it bothering me to this degree? I have even started to wonder if I really HAVE gained weight. And a LOT of it, at that! And how did this happen? How did I let things spiral out of control as they have?

So what a a great question to pose: What is the funniest (yea, I'm trying to make light of all of this- no pun intended) thing your in-law has ever said to you?

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Valerie said...

Kerri, I feel your pain. I don't know if this is the "funniest" thing, but it was definitely a strange, if not funny, situation. My uncle invited my mom, sister and I out for a pizza lunch. After we ordered, he addresses me and my sister and expresses that my mom has talked to him about our putting on weight and now he's concerned too. I was mortified. My sister was pissed. Five minutes later, here comes the large pizza we ordered! My sister and I didn't eat very much after all that. We didn't say anything to our uncle, but my mom got an earful when we got back in the car. Haven't heard a thing since.