Thursday, July 6, 2006


I never wrote a blog on last months performance at Uncle Calvin's. I think I was afraid to touch it. I didn't want to change it by accident. I just wanted to leave it right where it was. But now I at least have to make the reference to write todays blog. Ok, SO:

June 23rd, which happens to also be the day before my birthday!, I got to play at Uncle Calvin's. WOO WHO! That in and of itself was just a big accomplishment for me. I've seen a few people I just love at that very place. The sound is so clear, the audience is so attentive- It's just a great thing. Well, I played a short set. Just a few minutes long it felt, but actually about 1/2 an hour. My overwhelming feeling during most of the night was, "My mom would've LOVED this. My mom would've been so proud of me." The last song of my set, was "Not Enough Time", which is a song I wrote about my Mom and Dad...And just MOM- Not Enough Time. Serendipitously, a cellist was their to accompany the headlining act, and she was nice enough to accompany me on that song. I am a huge fan of the cello. You've probably heard me say that my dream is to have a cellist and a percussionist play with me. The cello was just so beautiful. Between what that song means to me, and what the sound of a cello does to me, I nearly became a puddle on the floor. I pretty much had to disassociate myself from the whole experience for a few moments just to get through it. There's no way NOT to think about Mom at a beautiful moment like that. She must have been there. But she wasn't there in the way I wish she could have been.

So that night, was just ALL THAT for me. By far, my biggest accomplishment gig-wise.

And NOW here's the craziest thing!!! Uncle Calvin's books there artist's WAY in advance. I was just the opener and was booked at least 6 months ago. But I got an email just yesterday from them. They had a "last minute" cancellation for an upcoming show and they invited me to fill in. "Yay!", I thought, "I get to do that all over again!" But as I re-read the email, I saw that I wasn't being asked to be the opener and play for 25 minutes, I was being asked to do two 45 minutes sets. This is my DREAM. But I had a moment of hesistation. "I am NOT ready for this!"

But why aren't I? Just because I'm scared doesn't mean I shouldn't do it. In fact, it probably means I SHOULD!!! And I AM!
I am beside myself with excitement! If only I could call up Mom and tell her all about it! And I know JUST what she'd tell me..."YOU ARE READY FOR THIS".

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