Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Panera Bread Co.

Here's my latest, greatest discovery. Panera. There aren't THAT many of them around, but there is one very near to my house. One day I got a coupon in the mail for a free Crispani, which is their weird little name for thin crust pizza. Anyway, that got me in- the Crispini was crisp AND ani! I've since been back a whole bunch of times. Their panina sandwiches are great, and their salads are pretty good too. You can do 1/2 sald and 1/2 sandwich, which is my favorite. NO, actually the Crispani is my favorite, but it's only served after 4pm.

They also have free wi-fi.

They serve breakfast.

There are options of sitting at tables, booths, or in comfy chairs.

They have coffees and teas.

AND they put of samples of their yummy fresh bread.

It puts la Madeline and Corner Bakery to shame, in my opinion.

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