Thursday, July 13, 2006

My Bloody Knee

I have, on occasion, seen other people fall when they're jogging at White Rock Lake. When witnessing such lack of coordination I have thought "What is their problem? What is that all about?!" I thought maybe they were dehydrated. Or having low blood-sugar. Or just spastic.

Well, today I FELL. I was just jogging along slightly off the paved trail and on the gravel. I don't think I tripped on anything. Just all of the sudden, I was out of control!!! I broke my fall with the palms of both of my hands and my right knee. Well, ok, I didn't really break the fall. I sort of skidded. ROAD BURN!!! Ouch.

I don't think this scene was witnessed by anyone. I don't think I even let it break my stride I was so quick to get back to the run. I was so embaressed. I blamed it on the ground and gave it a menacing look. I think my adrenaline kicked in because I picked up my pace to more like a run than a jog, and this was 50 minutes into the run, and it was HOT. No one would ever suspect I had just fallen, would they?

I had to pull over about 4 minutes later because I realized dirt was all over my knee, and blood was running down the front of my calf. If anyone saw my knee, it was obvious I had fallen. And I wasn't wearing rollerblades so it had to have looked pretty stupid. But I had a kleenex with me, so I cleaned it up somewhat so as not to gross everyone out. (Did I learn to have Kleenex at all times as a Brownie?)

Next time I see someone fall when they are running I will probably start laughing my head off. But it won't be at them. It will be at the memory of this blow out I suffered on the road today!

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