Thursday, May 4, 2006


I try to go to coffee places OTHER than Starbucks in my support of the "little guys" around town. I read an article in the Guide about Urban Dog Coffee, and it sounded so cool...You can bring your dog, they can play with others, and you drink chai tea (or coffee, obviously...), and get a snack.

But upon visiting, I found it was so much more than that!!! It's on Oak Lawn, 2720 Oak Lawn to be exact. It's near the vet and doggy daycare- If I hadn't have known that it would have been a little hard to find. Anyway, first and foremost it is the coolest small pet boutique. They have dog perfume in fancy bottles, shampoos, very cool leashes and collars, food, accessories of all sorts, toys, food bowls and trays, etc., etc., etc!!! On a nice day you can sit outside on the patio with your dog(s) and watch the cars go by, and they also have an indoor sitting area with tables and comfortable chairs in the corner of the store and your dog(s) can be there with you as well. Friendly people too... Oh, they also have free internet, which is why I am able to write my blog right here, right now.

The only thing they are missing is live music...My live music specifically! So I mentioned this to the coffee shop owner and we're hopefully going to work something out on that. I KNOW this would be a fun place to be. You know how sometimes you just walk into a place and you get a good vibe? Well, today, this is that place for me.

I bought my doggies each a pink collar with a padded and comfortable grip for me to hold as they pull me along on our walks. The chai tea was good...and of course, less expensive than "the other place"...

So, take your dog and visit the place- Hopefully I can serenade you there soon!

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