Thursday, May 11, 2006

I Was (Sorta) Right!

Oh my gosh... I think that just may have been the MOST exciting American Idol results show last night for me EVER. I loved the way Ryan Seacrest said something like, "Chris and Catherine...A lot of people thought you'd be in the finals. Tonight you're in the bottom two. Chris, a lot of people thought you might win this whole thing....(brief pause, camera on Chris and Catherine's faces) CHRIS YOU'RE GOING HOME!!!" The look on Chris's face was absolute shock and disbelief. He, more than the rest of America apparently, thought he had this thing in the bag. He couldn't even fake an expression of coolness.

And of course, the camera shot quickly after the announcement of Chris being sent home to Paula...head in hands, and then TEARS. AWWWWW! Boo hoo.

So HOW did this happen? I thought he was "the favorite"? I don't think tho, that people just got lazy and didn't vote because they thought he was safe and didn't need their help. With that many people voting (something like 1 out of 10 Americans have voted for an American Idol contestant), his fans were surely active. But maybe everyone decided he was just getting a little too cocky for his "boxer briefs"...and by cocky, I mean conceited of course! :)

I was shocked. But more than shocked, I was really, really happy. "America got it right!"

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