Wednesday, May 10, 2006

American Idol Ranking

One thing, and I do mean ONE thing, that sounds so fun about working in an office is being able to discuss American Idol. I don't work in an office, and I feel this discussion needs my input. So if you do happen to work in an office, and you do have this discussion, please pass along my viewpoints.

First of all, I've heard talk that Chris is the favorite. What? Why? He is so predictable. He is this season's Bo Bice for me. Yawn. And he sounds just like the guy in Tool...wait, is that the name of the band I'm thinking of? Anyway, whatever. Tonight he sang "Suspicious Minds" right after I said, "I know he's going to sing Suspicious Minds" It wasn't a tough call. And him wearing those sunglasses just did NOT do it for me. Yuck. He seems to agree with the judges and think he is ALL THAT. Okay, so he may be the "favorite" but I have never been a fan of favorites and I am not a fan of his.

Catherine McPhee: Pretty voice, and yay! for being the only girl still standing. I like her. But I don't like her like...

I LOVE TAYLOR! At the beginning of the season (during the initial auditions) he seemed more spastic. I was afraid I might grow tired of him and start to feel uncomfortable watching him make "the faces" and do "the moves". But NO! I have never gotten sick of him, nor have I ever been bored by him. I love to watch him perform and I love to hear his voice. Maybe he's calmed down, or perhaps I've just been charmed by it all and it doesn't come off as spastic to me anymore. He is clearly passionate about what he's singing. He's very geniune and I'm a big fan of that. And of his. He's been my favorite for most of the season until...

Elliott is now neck and neck in the #1 spot!!! He is the clear winner of the "most improved" award. His voice is, and always has been, beautiful. Lately his performances come closer to equaling that voice. I thought last night was his best night ever. He sang two Elvis songs that weren't even that familiar to me and (like Randy!) at first I was a little worried. But he MORE than pulled it off. As Paula has now said nearly every week about almost every constestant's performance, "He really made it his own". He just gets better and better every week. He actually seems to be having just as much fun on stage as Taylor...well, maybe not quite. Chris should take note on how to come off as confident but not cocky.

I voted for Taylor and Elliott. I felt a little concerned because I was able to get thru to vote pretty easily for Taylor. Anyway, there's my ranking:

4. Chris
3. Catherine
2. Taylor/Elliott
1. Taylor/Elliott

1 & 2...I just can't rank those- Don't make me. Neither one of them will be the ones to go this week. I think it will be Catherine. I think is should be Chris.

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