Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I've always had a page on my website where I write about movies, book, and cds I've checked out recently. I use to call it "recommendations", then I switched it to "reviews" and it will soon be changing to "love/hate" and here is why:

I find huge value and interest in things I love- That's obvious, right? I don't know if this is normal human behavior, although I think it is, but I am also fascinated by things I hate. I'm not, however, so interested in mediocrity. Here's a simple example: If Ashlee Simpson were going to be singing on Jay Leno I'd be sure to watch it. It might possibly even be the highlight of my day. I can't stand her and therefore, I love to listen to her and watch her for that very reason! On the other hand, if Norah Jones was going to be on, I might not even bother to watch it. NOTHING against Norah, it's just that I don't LOVE her and I certainly don't hate her, so I'm not all that interested.

Here's another example. The show on TV that I was glued to last night... BLOW OUT. Jonathon of JONATHON SALON must be one of the most irritating bastards out there. I can't stand him, so I LOVE watching HIM!!! I find myself talking back to my television set in disgust. I find the show riveting because it is so stupid. I even went to the BRAVO website just to read more about him and his sick little show. He even has a blog! Yay, we've got that in common. Besides the abrasiveness of his personality he also allows the camera's to show his softer side. He let's the camera inside his private therapy sessions where he often cries. AWWWWW!!!! He's sensitive too!

The 3rd season has just begun. It's on BRAVO on Tuesday nights. I highly recommend it.

So, what do you love to hate?

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